historiasquenovemos is an organization that aims to normalise the emotional expression of men in Latin American societies.

Latin America is going through a huge problem of femicides. During the COVID pandemic multiple cases of abuse were uncovered. Most of the amazing work done by feminists groups is focused on defending, fighting, and supporting the rights of women. However, multiple men are very unaware of their own privileges, problems, and ways they can help. We believe that feminism is also responsability of the men.

HQNV aims to create spaces for men to discuss their mental health problems. Create workshops for managing emotions. Advocate for the importance of professional help and create connections with psychologists.

Our approach consists of multiple phases:

  • Gather stories of prominent men in society to discuss their problems of mental health.
  • With the help of volunteers create workshops for schools that aim at managing emotions.
  • Give information through social media accounts.
  • Create spaces for dialogue.
  • Establish as an organization where students of psychology can do volunteer work.