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Getting a message to more people

Hey lovely people, As you might know, I've been working on a webcomic with my friend @dartvidgo about breakups and the process of l...

Hey lovely people,

As you might know, I’ve been working on a webcomic with my friend @dartvidgo about breakups and the process of letting go.

Even if it’s hard to accept, we haven’t gotten as much engagement as we wanted. This is, of course, not because we want fame but because that we believe that the message we aim to convey in our comics can help many more people with the right audience.

Since I first started drawing the comics last year, there were many times that I thought that this project wasn’t good enough to be seen by others. Or that no one would like my story-telling. But after the positive comments, we received over the weeks, it is great to know that many people could relate to our art.

I must accept that when I first published the comic I was really excited about what the final result could look like. And over the weeks, we’ve learned that the more you expose yourself to the world, the easier it is to find the right people to do cool stuff. So thanks to that, we understood that it would be also cool to share our art with people in other places.

And that is what we did.

So we opened an account for Letting Go Comics at Webtoons and Tapas. You can follow us there as well, and that will be our main publishing medium from now on. We would love to get your comments and thoughts about the upcoming comics.

Have a wonderful week,


Weekly realizations

  • It is always good to reach to people that do interesting stuff. I know that anxiety can make this a bit more difficult but with practice, it is possible not to feel too anxious to get to connect with others. In the end, if you just send a message the worst that could happen will be that they don’t reply. So dare to connect with others!
  • I found a cool Roam Research alternative, for those who are interested in Security and Notetaking. It is called Athens Research, it is Open Source and you can find it here. I am loving it so far.

Highlight of the week

As mentioned before, we are moving our main publishing medium of our webcomics to Webtoons and Tapas. Follow us there and leave a comment. We would love to know from you.

Weekly realizations

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