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I haven't procrastinated for a year

I haven't procrastinated for a year and I'm not proud of it. Yes, sure, it is a good feeling but probably the reasons to do so were....

I haven’t procrastinated for a year and I’m not proud of it.

Yes, sure, it is a good feeling but probably the reasons to do so were not the best.

I believe that when we work on our goals, there needs to be some freedom to explore. Explore areas of knowledge, places to visit, minds to know. However, when you schedule all your activities and you get comfortable with your daily tasks, this desire of exploring can get small enough not to catch our attention anymore.

And I believe that this is a dangerous comfort zone.

Don’t get me wrong, when we enjoy our daily activities and we achieve everything on time, there is this feeling of making progress and the sense of having a strong will. But if we rely on that as the only source to feel good about our activities, we might not pay enough attention to our environment and how things are changing all the time.

What I mean by this is that it is awesome to feel happy with what we do right now. Just don’t forget to explore more things in life. We might be missing things that we can end up loving. Some knowledge that is helpful and conversations that are meaningful.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my podcast (The thoughtful millennial), the movement #historiasquenovemos, OPENschool Solutions, and some other small things that I enjoy. But the feeling of having everything under control left me with this feeling of emptiness. Not because I don’t enjoy the process, instead because my natural desire of exploring was not being met.

So now, I’m sending this issue of my newsletter one day late. Because during the weekend I took some time to reflect, have some family time, and go back to read, watch, and meet people and things that I was missing.

How are you feeding your explorer soul?


Weekly realizations

The spotlight effect - I loved this concept since the very first time I read about it. It basically says that we overestimate how much people are paying attention to us. We are not in the spotlight even when we feel like it. This week helped me to remind myself of this and it helped me to be more daring to try new things.

AnyType - This is a clean, beautiful, Notion alternative. I signed up for the closed alpha program around 6 months ago and I could finally get a taste of it this week. I have to say that it works flawlessly and they will release the next version (that will include Notion-like databases) soon. So, if you are interested, sign up at:

Highlight of the week

The list of the accepted students for the Tutorship program of Tu Beca Bolivia has been published. You can find the list here:

Weekly realizations

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