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It is OK to take some time away

Hey lovely people, As you might know, I've been working on a webcomic with my friend @dartvidgo about breakups and the process of l...

Hey lovely people,

Some time ago I had some interesting talks with friends who were going through breakups. And as always, everyone experiences it in different ways. And following those conversations, one question got stuck in my head: Is it OK to take time away from our last partner by blocking them on social media?

I saw many posts on different platforms that consider blocking someone as childish behavior and after discussing this with my therapists time ago, I am pretty sure that that is not the case.

The process of letting go can get much harder if we continue exposing ourselves to the memories. We fall into a world of dreams and possible scenarios of what would happen if we contact them again. And we can even start thinking of possible ways to be back with that person even though we might be sure that that is not good for neither of us.

Truth is that the more we think about the past, the easier it is to start overthinking possible scenarios.

So if we really want to go through this process and heal our hearts, it is fine to add more friction between you and your ex-partner. You can unfollow them, block them, or even uninstall the apps that you think won’t help with this process. It is OK to take the necessary measures to keep our mental health good and allow our wounds to heal.

The comic of this week (@lettinggocomics) is a reflection on that. That even if there were many good experiences or things that are worth remembering, we are making the process harder for ourselves if we keep thinking about them. Yes, sometimes is inevitable to remember things but I believe that is our task to be more intentional about it, so we are mindful about what we really deserve.

I hope that if you are going through a breakup, you place yourself first, accept your emotions, and take some time away from the memories to allow your heart to be ready to love again.

Have a wonderful week!


Weekly realizations

  • The process of self-acceptance is not always straightforward. Sometimes it is hard to accept our own past and our own circumstances. We tend to deny our feelings so we are perceived as strong or mindful when the only thing we are doing is to block our own emotions and that is something that can be changed by facing our fears.
  • There is so much value in doing activities that lead us to meet more people. The more we expose ourselves to the world, the easier it is gonna be to meet the people who will give us the next big opportunity. I must accept that I was not good at this some years ago, I was too afraid of showing myself to the world but now, after a long process, I feel so happy to be able to meet people with similar interests. This was all thanks to the therapy that I attended time ago.

Highlight of the week

Weekly realizations

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