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The world is much bigger now

Hey lovely people, As you might know, I've been working on a webcomic with my friend @dartvidgo about breakups and the process of l...

Hey everybody!

As you may know, for some time already, I have been working along @dartvidgo to create Letting Go Comics. Which are the reflections of a really long process of understanding our feelings and emotions of a breakup.

This past Monday, we published the comic “Places” which shows how hard it can be to visit the places that the person you once loved showed you for the first time.

When I first got the idea to write this specific comic I couldn’t really imagine going to such places alone.

However, over time I have learned to appreciate how much bigger the world is to me after my past experiences with other people. How crazy it is to meet someone who will show you a part of the world that maybe you never imagined and how that place can maybe even become one of your favorite ones.

“I am thankful for what we shared” is the last sentence of this week comic and I can tell for sure that this is a reflection of how thankful I feel now after I understood how crossing paths with other people will expand our perspective of the world.

As always, I hope that these comics help you in your journey of letting go.

Have a wonderful week!


Weekly realizations

  • I have seen many people showing how messy a desktop can become with folders and files. I realized that I don’t have that problem as I disabled creating files and folders in my desktop. It seems that adding the friction not to create files in not proper places helped me organize mine right after finishing my work. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Sleeping is really important and I haven’t been so responsible with my own schedule. A tweet from @jamesclear reminded me that.

Highlight of the week

New comic out at Letting Go Comics in Instagram. Would love to know more from your perspective over the matter.

Weekly realizations

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